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Read scientific papers on the safety and effectiveness of viral inactivation using various wavelengths of lasers.

Anti-Microbial Photodynamic Therapy: A new treatment for infectious diseases

Inactivate virus with laser therapy

Diseases are caused by a number of different mechanisms, but the main culprits are pathogens that can travel from one host to another through different media. Whether the

Inactivation of MERS

Inactivation of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in plasma products using a riboflavin-based and ultraviolet light-based photochemical treatment.

Riboflavin and blue laser inactivate viruses

Scientific publications about the application of Riboflavin with blue and UV light for killing viruses

Laser Literature Overview

Laser Literature Overview: A Sample of Medical Articles for Laser Therapy and its use for a variety of diseases

Historical Dates for Laser Therapy

The use of light therapy began in 1903 when a Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for using ultraviolet (UV) light to cure cutaneous tuberculosis. Later, UV treatment was used to combat the polio virus, pneumonia, and cancer. The advent of antibiotics, however, caused a decline in the use of ultraviolet light.

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1981 Soviet scientists introduced intravenous laser blood irradiation as a therapy for cardiovascular disease, using the red light laser (632 nm).

2005 First red laser (635 nm), using Russian technology, was approved in Europe

2007 First green diode was developed

2008 First blue diode was developed

2013 First yellow diode was developed

2016 FirstĀ  ultraviolet diode was developed

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