Why Weber Lasers?

Most technologically advanced laser, world-wide

In the past, lasers were primarily used externally. Weberneedle technology, however, adds intravenous, interstitial, intra-articular, & photodynamic therapy, utilizing a fiber optic light guide, so the targeted tissue is immediately exposed to radiation.

Configurable laser modules

Weber laser products make use of the variety within the spectrum, utilizing red, yellow, blue, green, UV, and infrared wavelengths, configured to the treatment purposes.

Simple Handling & Execution

The Weberneedle and cannula attach directly to the fiber optics via a Luer Loc connection. The light guide may be pushed through the cannula and applied directly to the targeted tissue.

Wide Range of Applications with Proven Clinical Effects

See Applications, Medical Articles and Products for more information.

Expandable product for your business

Purchase the Weberneedle Endo Laser and choose the laser diodes you need most for your practice. As your business expands, add more diodes and offer laser therapy for additional clinical applications.

“Activate”deeper therapeutic responses

Combine specific laser wavelengths with photosensitizers to increase the therapeutic response.

Stable laser power and almost wear-free fiber optics

Combine different lasers to customize patient treatment

Combine with Regenerative Medicine for increased benefits.

Historical Information

The use of light therapy began in 1903 when a Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for using ultraviolet (UV) light to cure cutaneous tuberculosis. Later, UV treatment was used to combat the polio virus, pneumonia and cancer. The advent of antibiotics, however, caused a decline in the use of ultraviolet light.

slash across words Virus, Fungi, Bacteria

1981 Soviet scientists introduced intravenous laser blood irradiation as a therapy for cardiovascular disease, using the red light laser (632 nm).

2005 First red laser (635 nm), using Russian technology, was approved in Europe

2007 First green diode was developed

2008 First blue diode was developed

2013 First yellow diode was developed

2016 First  ultraviolet diode was developed

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