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Weber Endo Laser

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Therapeutic Benefits

Improves immunity

Increases oxygen absorption in body tissues

Destroys fungal, viral, and bacterial growth

Improves circulation and decreases platelet aggregation

Improves circulation by dilating blood vessels

Improves the body’s ability to detoxify and inactivate or remove toxins

Activates cortisone-like molecules (sterols) into Vitamin D

Restores normal size and movement of fat elements



UltraCur Pro


Why Weber?

25+ Therapeutic Wavelengths
Red Wavelength
  • Boosts cellular energy by increase of ATP synthesis
  • Improves microcirculation and reduces blood viscosity
  • Influences rheological properties of the blood
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Anti-cancer effect
  • Diminishes tendency of aggregation of thrombocytes
  • Improves deformability of erythrocytes
  • Activates phagocytic activity of macrophages
  • Positive effect on the proliferation of lymphocytes and B- and T-cell subpopulations
  • Stimulates immune response with increase of immunoglobulins IgG, IgM and IgA
  • Stimulation of interferons, interleukins and TNF-alpha
Yellow Wavelength
  • Strong anti-depressive effect and positive influence on mood
  • Improvement of the anti-oxidant enzymatic system with detoxifying effect
  • Improves serotonin and Vitamin D production
  • Strong anti-microbial effects
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect
Green Wavelength
  • Improves function, behavior and elasticity of red blood cells
  • Increases oxygen delivery
  • Decreases in lactic acid
  • Glycolytic effect
  • Mild anti-inflammatory effect
  • Reduces blood viscosity and improves blood flow
Ultraviolet Wavelength
  • Increases oxygen absorption into tissues
  • Destroys fungal, viral and bacterial growth
  • Improves circulation & decreases platelet aggregation
  • Dilates blood vessels
  • Improves the body’s ability to detoxify & inactivate and remove toxins
Blue Wavelength
  • Releases nitric oxide (NO) in monocytes with vasodilation and improvement of endothelial dysfunction
  • NO is known to be a growth, immune, ad neuromodulator, as well as a stem cell proliferator. It has a critical role in analgesia, vasodilation and angiogenesis through c-GMP pathway.
  • Increased production of NO activates telomerase and thus stops the shortening of telomeres (anti-aging)
  • Strong anti-microbial effects
  • Anti-inflammatory by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines and contributing factors for a variety of conditions (NF-kB, CRP, IL2, IL6, TNF alpha, Leptin, chemokines, etc)
  • Cooling and calming effect

Most technologically advanced laser, world-wide

In the past, lasers were primarily used externally. Weberneedle technology, however, adds intravenous, interstitial, intra-articular, & photodynamic therapy, utilizing a fiber optic light guide, so the targeted tissue is immediately exposed to radiation.

“Activate”deeper therapeutic responses

Combine specific laser wavelengths with photosensitizers to increase the therapeutic response.

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